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XposedGeek is a website owned by Rohan Arya who earlier was CEO of Geekyzz and SamsungGalaxyTalk too. The main motive of XposedGeek is to spread the knowledge about Android, Windows, Linux as well as iPhones to the users so that they don’t need to struggle for help. Keeping this simple motive, Rohan has posted some great tutorials for all the above listed subjects with illustration and pictures so that people can get to know about it easy. Not only pictures, but he has posted videos too on his YouTube channel on some topics on XposedGeek as well as for rooting tutorials for various phones. All the tutorials and guides are verified by the author of the Blog and has been tested too.Moreover the comparisons on this blog are made without being partial or taking side of one of the product. We take all the points of the phone and compare it. The device having more pros than cons wins the final comparison.

Neither XposedGeek nor the author(s) are responsible for the bricked phones and devices. Rooting voids the warranty and once you does it your warranty never comes back again until you restore it by flashing stock firmware for the device using a special software (varies with phone to phone). Some phones may get warranty after locking the bootloader and some may not even get warranty back after locking the phone too, say for example: Motorola Moto series. Once you unlock the bootloader and root the phone, you can’t get the warranty back (varies from country to country). Same applies on iPhone and Windows too. We ain’t responsible for not booting devices. You must always try what’s written in the tutorial if you know how to restore the phone/PC back to the original state.

So that was all about the blog, now here comes some information about author.

About Rohan Arya- The author of XposedGeek


Rohan Arya is a student of Stepping Stones School and is addicted to computer and other electrical gadgets. He is well known for his works on Micromax Unite 2, Micromax A60 and some tutorials for Motorola Moto G as well as for other phones too. Although he is in class 10th, but he still writes on XposedGeek daily to make sure that XposedGeek is up to date. Also his coding skills especially in HTML, CSS, Batch, C++ Turbo are brushed up. Rohan is not at all a pro blogger who writes only for the sake of SEO, but he writes for the visitors and especially for newbies. He isn’t interested in making money, but spreading the world his knowledge. This is how the name came up to be ‘XposedGeek’. He knows about of Android very well and has already compiled ROMs and few kernels too. Rohan compiled CyanogenMod 7 for Micromax A60 which was the first phone released by Indian manufacturer and also he was first to compile the ROM for it! In the place of Windows, he has made a small toolkit which performs basic functions like unpacking and packaging Android files and packing them like APKs, JARs etc.

If you have doubts in any of the page or tutorial written by him, then you can definitely comment on the respective post. He has made ‘Anonymous’ commenting system with no captcha or verification and he manually verifies the post because on phones, it’s complicated to verify and login using ID and password.


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  1. Akash Vishwakarma

    Bro can u provide me custom ROM for MICROMAX a300 ……. I want to upgrade my phone from KitKat to lollipop , so plzz help me 🙂


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