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Full guide to root your LG V10 phone

This article will provides you a full tutorial on how to root your LG V10 phone. This tutorial will be divided in 3 big steps: we will first need to unlock the bootloader, then install the TWRP recovery and finally we will be able to root the device with SuperSU. Simply scroll down below and start following the detailed steps. If you are not sure if you should root your Android device, you might want to read the following article: What is rooting and why root my Android device?


1- Unlock bootloader on LG V10

The first step to root your LG V10 device is to unlock the bootloader. It will allow us to install a custom recovery like TWRP. You may want to backup your device before proceeding, just in case.

  1. In your phone, enable the USB debugging option located in the Developer options settings.
  2. Still in the Developer options, enable Allow oem unlock.
  3. Install ADB and fastboot on your computer. If you are on Windows, download link is here. If you are on Linux or Mac, download link is here.
  4. Boot your device into bootloader mode. To do so, hold the volume down button in addition to the power button for a couple of seconds. Once the bootloader screen appears, plug your device into your computer.
  5. Open command prompt if you are on Windows or a terminal window if you are on other OS and type:
    fastboot oem unlock
    fastboot getvar unlocked
  6. That’s it, the bootloader of your device is now unlocked! You can now reboot your phone and unplug it from your PC.

2- Install TWRP recovery on LG V10

The second step is to install the TWRP recovery on your phone. It will allow you to install custom packages into the device.

  1. Download the TWRP recovery file here. Extract the file and place it in a folder in your computer.
  2. Now boot your phone into bootloader mode again (explanations on how to do this in step 1.4). Once the bootloader screen appears, plug your phone into your computer.
  3. Now go in the location where you placed the TWRP recovery file and open a command window in that folder. To do so, hold shift, right click and select Open command window here.
  4. It is now the time to flash the recovery. To do so, type the following into the command window (let say that file_name.img is the name of the image file):
    fastboot flash recovery file_name.img
  5. That’s it, the TWRP recovery is now installed on your phone! You can now reboot your phone and unplug it from your computer.

3- Root LG V10 with SuperSU

Last step, but not least! With the two preceding steps correctly done, we are now able to root our LG V10 device. Before proceeding with this, you will want your device to be at least 60% charged.

  1. Download the SuperSU package here and transfer zip files into your device’s internal storage, in any folder.
  2. Now boot your phone into custom recovery. To do so, simply follow the same directions as in step 1.4 (that is, hold volume down and power key for a couple of seconds).
  3. Open the TWRP main menu and select the install option.
  4. Select the SuperSU file you’ve transferred earlier in your device.
  5. Once installed, simply reboot your device and it will now be rooted!

I hope you liked this tutorial on how to root your LG V10 Android device. If you have encountered any problems during the installation, please share it in the comments below and I will try to help you as fast as I can. Enjoy your new rooted phone 🙂


Root Yu Yuphoria and Unlock Bootloader!

How To Root Yu Yuphoria [Bootloader Unlock + Root]

Yu is getting famous because of their budget Android phones with nice specifications. For example, we have seen YuReka which is obviously the best phone under Rs. 10,000 followed by Lenovo after that. Anyway, we all know that Yu is a very developer friendly company and on their official forums, they allow users to share rooting tutorials, bootloader, etc. so we bring you the tutorial to root Yu Yuphoria! 😀

A very famous Indian developer DooMLoRD from XDA-Developers stepped into Yu and is now contributing to the development of Yu devices. For example, he made the tutorial to unlock the bootloader and root YuPhoria.

All credits goes to DooMLoRD only, but we are just giving you more details on how to root YuPhoria easily with screenshots. Unlike YuPhoria root tutorial, this time we will not be installing a Custom Recovery (ClockWorkMod Recovery) too root, but rather we will be using (not installing) the recovery to root the device which means that with the stock recovery only you can root YuPhoria to take backup of whole Stock Firmware.


Root Yu Yuphoria and Unlock Bootloader!

Now we will not waste more time on how the rooting of YuPhoria works & we will straight away move in to the Yu YuPhoria Root Tutorial!

What Are The Requirements To Root Yu YuPhoria

  • Yu Yuphoria- Obviously.
  • Battery Charged up to 50%- To prevent accidental shut down of the device.
  • A computer- for installing the recovery temporarily in the phone.
  • Custom Recovery and SuperSU- To install recovery temporarily (or hotboot) and  to root the device permanently! The links will be provided below.

Root Yu YuPhoria & Unlock Bootloader!

  • Open Settings, move on to About Phone and tap 7 times on Build Number to enable Developer Options.
  • Turn Developer Options ON and enable USB Debugging too!
  • Shut down YuPhoria, connect it to PC via USB and press & hold Volume UP key for a while till you see Fastboot mode in the screen.
  • Now the drivers will install automatically. You might get a popup in your PC and install the drivers like a normal software.
  • Get compressed ADB & Fastboot tool from here and unzip it into a folder.
    ADB and FASTBOOT tools extracted
  • Open the folder in which you’ve extracted the ADB & Fastboot files, Press and hold Shift Key and Right Click.
    Open Command Prompt To Root Android
  • Type the following command and make sure you press the enter key after it.
    fastboot -i 0x2A96 oem unlock
    fastboot reboot
  • fastboot -i 0x2A96 oem unlock command running
  • It will take some seconds to unlock the bootloader. After running the reboot command, your device will reboot to OS.  it doesn’t happen, then it means that there’s some problem with the drivers. Install the drivers again!
  • Get the latest SuperSU zip from here and place it in your SD Card. Do not extract the .ZIP file.
  • We are now almost ready to root now. Download the ClockWorkMod recovery from here.
  • Place the recovery [YuPhoria-Custom-Recovery-XposedGeek.img]in the folder in which you’ve extracted the ADB & fastboot tool.
  • Type this command and hit enter command:
    fastboot -i 0x2A96 boot YuPhoria-Custom-Recovery-XposedGeek.img
    fastboot -i 0x2A96 boot YuPhoria-Custom-Recovery-XposedGeek command running
  • Your device will now boot to ClockWorkMod Recovery.
  • Move to Install zip from sdcard by volume keys and tap on this by Power button.
    Install zip from SDCard- ClockWorkMod Recovery Option
  • Choose the SuperSU zip which you just downloaded and moved to your SD Card.
  • Confirm the flash and in some seconds it will be flashed!
  • Now choose the first option in the recovery which is reboot system now
    reboot system now clockworkmod recovery
  • Now you are rooted! Open SuperSU application to confirm if you are rooted or not! 😉

Though it might appear to be a long tutorial, but it is the easiest tutorial and is looking big just because of some screenshots and big lines which I’ve written to avoid confusion.

We hope you liked our Root Yu Yuphoria tutorial and if you really liked it, then do comment below. We would love to hear from you and hear your doubts & questions! 🙂


How To Install MiUi v6 on Yu YuReka

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YuReka is one of the most famous Android phones in India because of it’s jaw dropping price, Octa Core processor and a very polite and responsive support by Yu which is hosting forums where people can have talks about custom ROMs, rooting, etc. Yu is a very developer friendly company which allows you to root your phone and avail the warranty. I wish even Lenovo and Motorola did the same.
MiUi is undoubtedly the best Operating System when it comes to graphics and is having good number of features too.
The team behind MiUi, XiaoMi works very hard for their operating systems and this is the reasons why their devices get’s updates very slowly, but whenever they get, the updates are awesome. Unfortunately, even this MiUi ROM is based on Android 4.4.4 KitKat OS rather than Lollipop which everyone wants to run on their devices.
The good news is that Miui ROM for YuReka is very stable and you’ll not find bugs out here except the Radio bug which makes Radio useless in this phone, but you can download 3rd party applications which can run Radio from internet. Thanks to suhas.holla at XDA-Developers for his hard work to make this ROM stable for YuReka and this ROM obviously is unofficial build.
The combination of an Octa Core processor with MiUi v6 is just brilliant. MiUi usually lags on Quad Core devices like RedMi 1s, but on devices like YuReka, this ROM works like a butter, but still this ROM is not for gaming as MiUi v6 useless many resources and CPU usage. Anyway, games like Grand Theft Auto San Andreas are still playable on this device.

Yureka Running on MiUi v6 ROM
MiUi v6 ROM on Yu Yureka

Installing MiUi v6 ROM on Yu Yureka

  • Head up to the unofficial ROM thread at XDA from here. Grab the download links for Miui ROM from here and obviously download the ROM and move it to your internal SD Card.
  • Root your device and install ClockWorkMod Recovery on YuReka. If you haven’t rooted your device, then follow this easy tutorial to root your device and install CWM Recovery in it.
  • Reboot to ClockWorkMod recovery by typing these commands in terminal emulator:
    reboot recovery
  • Choose Backup/Restore option from the recovery and after that, Backup to /sdcard and make a full backup of your current running ROM. You may skip it if you are a superuser.
  • We will wipe the full phone now. Choose Wipe user data/factory reset option from CWM and confirm full wipe.
  • Also move to Mounts and Partitions and here format system partition.
  • After making backup, open Install ZIP>Choose zip from /sdcard and now choose the ROM which you just now downloaded and confirm the flash.
  • After the ROM is flashed, tap on Reboot System to reboot your device to Android OS.
Wait for a few minutes and soon you’ll need to setup the MiUi v6 ROM onto your device.
If you are not able to install this ROM on your YuReka, then do shoot a comment below. We are ready to help you. 😉



Philz Recovery for Lenovo Tab 2 A7-10 [Bugged!]

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Some days ago I had posted about rooting tutorial for Lenovo Tablet 2 A7-10 and after that, today I ported PhilZ recovery for this tablet because when I tried ClockWorkMod and TWRP Recovery, I couldn’t find a device with same resolution with the recoveries for which I was searching for. This wasn’t the only problem. After I found PhilZ recovery with supported device resolution, after porting there was a problem of USB mount. It was easy to fix. All I did was replaced some of the codes in INIT.RC file and luckily USB mount now works. All thanks goes to the porting tool which I had used for the same. This is actually ClockWOrkMod recovery with many additional features like Touch Enabled, More customization, etc. And this is the best recovery ever. Just try and then you will like it. It’s better than TWRP and ClockWorkMod recovery because of too many customization features and it’s graphics, obviously!

Lenovo Tab 2 A7-10 PhilZ Recovery
Lenovo A7-10 Running PhilZ Recovery

This works on all KitKat editions. This recovery is based for V40 update though…

Backup and Restore is having some bugs and so I recommend don’t flash anything with this recovery because of some bugs there which won’t be fixed because I left it’s development. 🙁

How To Install Philz [Advanced ClockWorkMod] Recovery on Lenovo Tab 2 A7-10

  • Root your device using this tutorial.
  • Get the PhilZ recovery which I ported to Lenovo Tab 2 A7-10 from my MediaFire. Head up here to download the recovery.
  • Download RashR recovery flashing tool from Google Play Store.
  • Open the tool and backup your recovery from the popup which appears.
  • Now click on RECOVERY and follow onscreen instructions to install the recovery.

Bugs & Problems in the Recovery

Sometime the tablet won’t light up while having a backup of tablet even if you press the power key… But tapping it for some time after some seconds will make it work! It’s not a bug and the device automatically lights up after the backup!
No other bugs. If you find, then do report below.

Backup Restore and more bugs found. Not Stable! 🙁

We hope you have installed this recovery onto your tablet and are ready to ‘Xposed’ your device and run many cool applications which requires root.



Install LiquidSmooth ROM on NeXus 5 [Lollipop Based 5.0.2 ]- The Perfect Combination!

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Today I will be posting about how to install my personally favorite ROM, LiquidSmooth ROM on my favorite device NeXus 5. Before, I have installed this ROM on my Motorola Moto G and I should say that this ROM has got maximum features after AOSB (ProBAM) ROM. Anyway, I found LiquidSmooth much smoother than AOSB ROM because it had frequentforce closes whereas I didn’t face any such error in this ROM. The Lollipop version of LiquidSmooth ROM is even sweeter because it’s based on CyanogenMod 12 ROM and has additional many features which you won’t find in any ROM. Also the developers are working to add more features to LiquidSmooth ROM.
Many features are currently there as per the original post at XDA. Do visit this page if you want to see the feature list of LiquidSmooth ROM for Nexus 5. Now let’s see the installation tutorial for LiquidSmooth ROM in Nexus 5.

Nexus 5 Running Lollipop LiquidSmooth ROM- How To Install Tutorial

How To Install LiquidSmooth ROM in NeXus 5

  • Open this webpage, the official post of this ROM at XDA-Developers. Get the download link from here. Please download LOLLIPOP ROM there, not KITKAT!
  • After downloading this ROM, move it to your internal storage.
  • Reboot to any custom recovery. We prefer TWRP recovery and so the tutorial is for TWRP Recovery.
  • Choose BACKUP there and proceed to make a backup of your current ROM. Do choose Skip MD5 Checksum option so that the backup is faster.
  • Now we are ready to wipe the current ROM as we have the backup with us. Tap on WIPE and make sure SYSTEM, DATA & CACHE options are chosen there. Now when these 3 partitions are selected, swipe the button to confirm the wipe.
  • Now click on INSTALL from the main menu and choose the ROM which you downloaded (LiquidSmooth) and confirm the flash.
  • In some seconds this ROM will be installed onto your device.
  • Choose REBOOT button which appears after the ROM is installed on your device.
Now wait for some minutes till the ROM boots because this ROM is using ART RunTime which needs more time to boot, but increases the real time performance, so just wait for some minutes. If it still doesn’t boot, then wipe DALIVK CACHE from the custom recovery.

You ain’t able to install the ROM or you want to share some awesome feature of this ROM? You are free to comment here!