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Good and Affordable VR Headsets : PIMAX 4K UHD and Deepoon E2

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A few years ago, virtual reality hit our world, but this new awesome technology had a price. Virtual reality headsets were really expensive, but what about now? Are there good products on the market at low price? The answer is yes! Here are two good and affordable virtual reality headsets.




This virtual reality headset is available since a year now and has been more than efficient. It is the first VR headset to provide a 4K UHD image resolution on the market, which means it has a resolution of 3840X2160 pixels. It has a field of view of 110 degree, meaning that you will be surrounded by the stunning image, wherever you look. Among other great features, it also has a frame rate of 60 FPS, an interpupillary distance between 58 and 71mm and of course, an auto-focus adjustment. This virtual reality headset can be a great alternative to other VR popular brands since it offers a higher image resolution and is cheaper.

Since the PIMAX headset has a great resolution, you will need a powerful computer to be able to run it. The minimum system configuration is as follow: an Intel i5 and above for the CPU and a Nvidia GTX960 or AMD R9 290 or above for the graphic card.

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Deepoon E2


This virtual reality headset is a cheaper alternative to the one listed previously. It is a little bit less performant, but it is a really good option if you have a smaller budget. It offers an image resolution of 1080X1920 pixels, have a refresh rate of 75 Hz and a field of view of 120 degree. Also, since it resolution is a little bit lower, it will be able to run with a less powerful graphic card. The minimum graphic card required is a GTX 760 or above.

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Get your free Domino’s pizza gift card now

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You are a pizza fan? Great! Domino’s is giving away thousands of gift cards right now. In total, they will distribute over 37,000 prizes with $500, $100, $50 and thousands of $5-$10 gift cards for free.

Free pizza sounds really good! All you need to do to get a chance to win your free gift card is to go on their website and register. But hurry up, this promotion will only be available until April 19th.


Woohoo Offer latest

Get 15% Cashback on Woohoo Gift Cards (Amazon, FlipKart, PVR, etc.!)

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Woohoo is actually GiftBig with some fashion and a new name.. Because they’re new, just as every company does, they too are giving awesome offers. Earlier they gave 40%, 50% and up to 70% cashbacks on purchasing gift vouchers, but this time they’re only giving 15% cashback.. Still something is better than nothing, so you must try this offer in case you want to make a purchase on websites like FK, Amazon, etc.

Buy Gift Vouchers at 15% cashback from Woohoo

  • Download the Woohoo app from here.
  • Login to your old account (Only for old users).
  • On the main page only, click on SEND GIFT NOW and enter some random details.
  • Pay using Debit/Credit Card or PayUMoney.
  • Let the person whom u sent the GV confirm it..
  • You will get cashback within 10 working days.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Valid only on Gift Vouchers above Rs. 2,000!!
  2. MAX CB : 400 points (Rs. 400).
  3. Cashback in terms of Woohoo cash.
  4. Valid only on one transaction.
  5. Only till 9th to 11th Oct.

PepperTap Loot

PepperTap Loot – Buy Groceries Worth Rs. 250 for Rs. 100!!

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PepperTap is the only application which delivers groceries to Chanidgarh (Where I live) and my experience with them has always been nice. The bad thing about is that they usually didn’t give coupons for new/old users, but this time they’ve opened a refer and earn program where the person who refers get Rs. 100 as PepperTap cash and the person who joins through the referral code gets Rs. 150 off on Rs. 250 minimum orders and thus you get groceries woth Rs. 250 just for Rs. 100! 😀

PepperTap Loot

Let’s move on to the PepperTap loot 😉

Buy Groceries Worth Rs. 250 for just Rs. 100 from PepperTap

  • Download the PepperTap application from here.
  • Open the application and sign up a new account.
  • Add groceries worth Rs. 250 to your PepperTap cart.
  • Apply the coupon ANMUA to get Rs. 150 off on Rs. 250 on your order! 😀
  • Get your groceries within 2 hours! 😀

Hope you guys like this loot. Stay tuned for more PepperTap deals and offers like these!


Amazon - FRee Book Pay for SHipping

Buy IN PAIN Book for Rs. 31 (Shipping Charges :p)

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Amazon is back with it’s another coupon coupon game where they’re giving a book for free, but you gotta pay for shipping charges and that are Rs. 31.. The book has got 5/5 ratings from Amazon and so I think you must go for this awesome deal! 😀

Amazon - FRee Book Pay for SHipping

I am myself buying one because I like to read (These days exams ;_;), anyway let’s move to the deal! 🙂

The book was being sold for Rs. 200 some days AGO!

Get IN PAIN Book for Rs. 31 (That too Shipping Price)

  • Open the Amazon deal page from here.
  • Apply the coupon N4R2F4OJ.
  • Pay Rs. 31 from Credit/Debit/Net Banking! 🙂

Hope you liked this deal! 😀