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Get Rs.20 per Referral on FreeBuster App

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FreeBuster Free Recharge App Offering Rs 20 Per Refer And The Great Thing Is That You Can Withdraw Your Money As Additional Two New Features As Mobikwik Transfer and PayUMoney Transfer

Steps to get this Offer :

  1. Download the app from Here.
  2. Signup and Verify your mobile no.
  3. Download 1 App to redeem your credit.
  4. You Can Earn More Through Referring Friends, Scratch and Earn Daily & Completing Offers.
  5. You will get Rs 20 Per Successful Refer.

Refer and Earn

  1. Share Your Refer Link With Your Friends
  2. Tell Them to Download 1 App After Sign Up [i.e Burrp]
  3. Once They Download 1 App and Gets Credits, You’ll Get Rs 20 In Your Wallet
  4. Later On You Can Withdraw Your Wallet Either As Recharge OR Mobikwik/PayUMoney Transfer

Why No Offers for Airtel on recharges FreeCharge PayTM

Why FreeCharge & PayTM Ain’t Giving Offers On Airtel?

So you need to recharge your Airtel mobile from FreeCharge or PayTM, but are reluctant to because there are no offers on Airtel whereas for Vodafone, Idea, Docomo and all other telecom service providers are? I have 2 sims, but I have never recharged my Airtel number after since all the online payment portals stopped giving cashbacks and offers on Airtel.

Why No Offers for Airtel on recharges FreeCharge PayTM

But why is this all happening? Why no offers for Airtel only?

Why No Cashback offers on FreeCharge PAyTM for Airtel2

This all started in mid of 2015 and is obviously related to Net Neutrality! If you don’t know about it, then let me explain you about something past. Airtel planned to offer higher rates on WhatsApp, Viber or any such service like VoIP or online messages because they crashed Airtel’s value in market. Not only Airtel was affected, but the same happened with Vodafone and all the companies because WhatsApp is actually cheaper than normal SMS which costs Re. 1 to Rs. 1.5 normally and millions of Indian started messaging using Whatsapp and calls from Viber/Messenger. And because the craze of WhatsApp and applications like this grew, Airtel published to increase prices for WhatsApp, Viber, etc. but because it was not good for the customer, we all flooded Airtel’s twitter page, rated 1/5 Airtel application on Play Store and spammed a lot. After this, FlipKart joined this program where Airtel was giving free data for FlipKart and the same happened to FlipKart. Many users rated flipkart 1/5 in Google Play Store and then seeing all this FlipKart took their foot back from this Airtel’s program. From that time, we encourage Net Neutrality which means that there should be same browsing rates for all the websites and millions of emails were sent to TRAI for the same. But, Airtel has still not stopped. 🙁 Here are some Tweets regarding #NetNeutrality and #SaveTheInternet

Summing up, Airtel was going in loss because of apps like WhatsApp/Facebook Messenger/Viber and so they increased the prices of them and we all Indians flooded Airtel and FlipKart’s pages for this as even FlipKart joined this.

Now coming back to the topic, there can be many reasons why no online recharging websites are offering cashbacks and discounts for Airtel and some of them are listed here:

Why FreeCharge & PayTM Not Giving Offers On Airtel?

Airtel Don’t Want To Give Commission To FreeCharge, PayTM, etc!

Kanjoos Airtel

Airtel has launched their application where you can find offers for Airtel and in the same time online recharging websites ended their support for Airtel. Relating them is easy. It is simple that Airtel is saving their money by not giving commission to e-recharging websites and by giving on their own application. Also this can be possible that Airtel is offering too less commissions to these sites as compared to other telecom service provides.

MobiKwik, FreeCharge Are Supporting Net Neutrality!

Online Companies Supporting Net Neutrality

If this is true, then I wish that there will be no offer by the recharging sties on Airtel because they are helping Indians to stand against Net Neutrality. But how? Most of the people recharge their mobile numbers through FreeCharge, PayTM and MobiKwik only and what will happen if they don’t offer the customers good price? Simply, customers will move to other service provider and this will surely boost the Net Neutrality.

Airtel Asked The E-Recharging Websites To Stop Giving Offers

Airtel Asked Online Recharging Websites To Stop Giving Cashback

Well this is also possible and is like the first chance to the question. Maybe Airtel itself asked the recharging sites to stop giving cashbacks and offer on Airtel so that people move to Airtel application for recharging and enjoy offers there. This will help Airtel a lot because they no more need to pay commissions to the recharging websites and make money with their own application.

Oh, I need To Support #NetNeutrality, but How?

Yes, you can! Here, open the NetNeutrality Indian page and send an email to TRAI.

Tweet on Twitter with the hashtag of #NetNeutrality and #SaveTheInternet to Airtel regarding the net neutrality.


So these were some best guesses to the question why online recharging websites ain’t supporting Airtel because they themselves are not willing to reply on Twitter or Facebook for this question.

Hope you like this post! 🙂


Best websites to recharge online

Best Online Recharging Sites For Mobiles – INDIA

Out of Recharge and need to fill your balance? Well you might be thinking to visit market for the same, but maybe it’s night and all shops have been. Or maybe, you are too lazy like me to even visit shops for recharge.

Best websites to recharge online

Currently there are many online websites to recharge your mobile numbers and the reason why you should online recharging sites-

  • I don’t need to visit markets and so it’s not time consuming.
  • These sites are trustworthy and in case of recharge failure, they give you instant refunds.
  • Online recharging websites offers you with huge discounts so recharging online can save your money!
  • Most of the websites let’s you get free coupons with recharge like Rs. 500 off on a site, etc.
  • Recharging websites supports almost all Debit/Credit cards starting from RuPay to Visa card. If this is not enough for you, then you can also pay using Net Banking!

So these were some reasons which I have to recharge online. Okay, now a problem arises that which online recharging website is the best? I have tried many online recharging sites and in this list, I’ll be providing you with the safest, fastest and most trustworthy online recharging sites.

We will be going in Descending order which means the site on the bottom is better than all other above listed websites, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try the top listed websites! 🙂


PayTM - Best Recharging sites online

PayTM is the fastest growing E-commerce website, but it don’t only offers products with discounts, but also you get huge discounts on recharge.

You can recharge your DTH, Datacard, mobile number, pay Electricity, Landline bills. Not only this! You can also fill your Income TAX. But anyway, we won’t be going off-topic and so I’ll be listing the reason why I like PayTM for my online recharges.

PayTM offers you with huge discounts while recharging your mobile number and DTH. For example, many times you’ll see coupons which gives you Rs. 100 cashback on first Rs. 350 DTH rechargeRs. 10 cashback on Rs. 10 recharge, etc. and the best part of PayTM is that unlike MobiKwik, most of their offers are for old users too and so you can make best of your recharges. Also PayTM offers you with discount coupons and promo codes, however they’re not too much. I mean there are coupons and promo codes only for a few websites!

Even their customer service is good. If you’re having any doubts, you can can contact them via Twitter or their own websites.. However, they are not at all active on Facebook, but only on Twitter. Also they’re not too responsive to emails (online support).. So customer care might be a problem for you!


Best Recharging sites online - MobiKwik

MobiKwik is the best Wallet for online transactions in India because of the cashback. They usually give at least 10% cashback on all the websites which they support.

Talking about recharge, my experience with MobiKwik never went bad. The only drawback of MobiKwik is that their most of the coupons are for new users only so for old users, MobiKwik might not be a good option because people these days like to get discounts online, especially on recharges and bill payments.

So you might be thinking why I have placed MobiKwik over PayTM when MobiKwik don’t provide deals on recharge and coupons while purchases. The reason is that though MobiKwik don’t provide discounts on recharges, but they do give offers like – 10% cashback on adding money and that money can be used for recharges as well as on online shopping sites too. Another reason is that their customer service is good too! They’re responsive to Tickets as well as on Facebook and Twitter.


Best online recharging sites- FreeCharge

FreeCharge is the best spot for recharging online. The reason is their promotional offers, beautiful website, great customer support, etc.

Because of FreeCharge, I became interested in e-Commerce websites and online recharging. My first online recharge was from FreeCharge because the name was trustworthy, their reviews were great, etc. and I made a recharge because they were running free Rs. 50 Recharge for new users offer and so I recharged all my mobile numbers from there.

Basically, FreeCharge has got one of the best customer support and beats PayTM in the same. They are responsive mainly on Facebook and on emails.

About discounts, yes FreeCharge offers you discounts and actually huge discounts on SnapDeal! Just some months ago, FreeCharge was overtaken by e-Commerce SnapDeal and since the time SnapDeal and FreeCharge are exchanging great offers like recharge for Rs. 100 and get Rs. 1,000 off on Rs. 10,000 at SnapDeal which is obviously a great offers for someone who’s thinking of making a big transaction at SnapDeal.

WTH! Why so less websites? Heyy! Trust us, these are the only best recharging websites which you must use for your online recharge. Others are good too, but we didn’t find it more awesome than them.

Maybe you can try a new recharging website and help us increasing the websites? So in case you’ve recharged online from another website (other than listed above), then do let us know about the website and it’s review from your side.

Happy Recharging! 🙂


Get 25 Rs Cashback On Adding 25 Rs In MobiKwik Wallet

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Hey guys whatsup so today is independence day and we will be announcing the winners soon in the next post and guys mobikwik is back with the all new offer of Adding 25 Rs and u will get 25 Rs Cash back so how this is available


Get 25 Cashback On Add 25 Rs In Mobikwik Wallet

· Install Mobikwik From HERE
· Login Or signup on mobikwik
· Enter Into mobikwik wallet and Add Rs 25
· And Enter Code ENA25
· Applicable Only For New Users


· Valid On card payement and by application only


Best Recharging sites online - MobiKwik

Get MobiKwik 10% Cashback on Adding Money- All Users

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MobiKwik loves 10% cashbacks and all their offers these days are of adding money to your wallet and getting 10% additional cashback only. Today too I came across an offer for the same where you get 10% cashback on adding minimum Rs. 200 to your wallet while the maximum cashback limit is Rs. 100. Though this is awesome, but still it’s limit is Rs. 100 which fails this offer. Anyway, let’s see more about this offer by MobiKwik.

Best Recharging application- MobiKwik


10% MobiKwik Cashback latest Offer

  • Add minimum Rs. 100 to your MobiKwik wallet.. BroTip: Add Rs. 1,000 for maximum advantage of the offer!
  • Apply GETCASH coupon while adding money.
  • You get 10% cashback of what you added to the wallet.


1. Minimum Rs. 200 must be added to avail this offer.

2. Maximum cashback limit is Rs. 100.

3. Offer valid till – IDK.. No official info! 🙁

4. Only for Credit/Debit Card users and not for Net bankers, etc.


For more offers and news for MobiKwik, PayTM, etc. stay tuned! 😉.