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How to upgrade Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 to Android 4.4.4 with CyanogenMod 11 ROM

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The Samsung Galaxy S2 was released in February on 2011. Then it was a high end device with some awesome specifications. It is powerd by a Dual-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A9 CPU, 1 GB of RAM 16/32 GB of internal storage and a Mali-400 GPU. It came with Android 2.3 GingerBread Operating System out of the box but it is upgradeable to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. But isn’t Touchwiz very slow? Doesn’t it have too much bloatwares in it? Yes! Do you want a debloated eye-capturing firmware on your Samsung Galaxy S2? Well, you are here at the right place then. CyanogenMod ROM is the most popular aftermarket Android firmware and it is based on latest AOSP sources. It comes completely debloated and without Google Apps. You can install Google Apps right after flashing the ROM. Also it gives you a chance to give your old device a new life. Some devices which are literally outdated and development is left by the official customer have the chance still to upgrade the device to a newer version of Android. But not only that, CyanogenMod also gives you the chance to modify your device’s statusbar and it has another tons of features. But for that you first need to have root on your device and you have to flash a custom recovery. But I’m here to show you the whole procedure in the easiest way. Just read carefully and follow the instructions below. 

NOTE: Neither XposedGeek, or the writer, myself Sasa is not responsible for bricked devices. Please use comments rather than trying new things.

What you need: 

1. Odin Tool to flash the kernel (boot file).
2. Kernel (boot file itself).
3. Windows XP or higher.
4. A Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 running on Android 4.1.2.
5. Your battery should be over 70% to prevent accidental shut down.

First Step- Root Your Phone

1. Download Kern kernel file and Odin tool.
2.Open up Odin tool.
3.Be sure that Kies software is not open.
4.Click on “PDA” in Odin programm and choose the kernel.tar
5.Now you have to put your S2 into download mode. Do this by holding Volume Down, Home and Power button simultaneously.
6. Now press volume up to continue
7.Now conncect your Samsung Galaxy S2 to your PC and something like “0:[COM7]” should show up in Odin(must not be COM7 can also be COM2 or any other numbers)
8.Now you just have to press start and it will flash the kernel. After flashing your device will reboot and it should be rooted now.
9.So now you just need to download SuperSU app from playstore and you are done. Your device is rooted!

Installing CWM On Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-i9100)

1. Download the official ClockWorkMod Recovery from the official website.
2. Follow the tutorial on XposedGeek to install the recovery on Samsung Galaxy S2.

Installing CyanogenMod ROM 11 On Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-i9100)

1. Download the latest nightly build from here, the official website of CyanogenMod.
2. Copy it to your SD card.
3. Reboot into recovery by holding Volume UP, Home and Power button simultaneously.
4. Perform a full factory reset.
5. Wipe dalvik cache under Advanced.
6. Select Install zip from sdcard and then select choose ZIP from sdcard.
8. And select your downloaded ZIP. Wait till the ROM flashes. It won’t take much time. Not more than 1 minute.
9. From the main menu of ClockWorkMod, select Reboot system now.

Now you have the latest Android version on your old device. Did you like CM ROM? We would like to hear from you through your comments!



The Big Billion Day- Things You Never Knew!

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The Big Billion day, launched by FlipKart on 6th October was an epic day for many who have never seen such a big deal on online retailing websites. Actually, it was the first and the biggest deal launched by any E-Commerce website. Yesterday, many things took place like Limited Deals, Steal Deals, Winners for prizes etc., but actually there are many others thing that you may not know. People who bought from FlipKart yesterday, including me, were very happy and some many whom’s hands slipped to get Steal Deals and other deals like the ones which came at 4 PM are criticizing FlipKart saying that it’s a fraud website.

The Steal Deals

This was the main reason why I actually opened FlipKart yesterday and refreshed my page after every hour to see new deals. Actually, yes, the deals were true and not fake. My many friends have bough Nokia X for Rs 700, Motorola Moto E for Rs 1500, but I personally don’t know anyone who have got those pendrive, tablets for Rs 1 or Rs 1500. When I opened yesterday at 7:30, the deal didn’t start, but when I refreshed the page at 7:58, oops, everything was ‘Out Of Stock’ which were to be sold at 8:00 AM by FlipKart.

The Orders Which Didn’t Even Proceed!

So after 2 PM, you made an order and feeling happy? Well you shouldn’t be because FlipKart actually didn’t proceed many orders after 2 PM, because the limit of E-Kart, which is 6 lac items per day ended and they now had more than 6 lac requests, so FlipKart cancelled many orders like Motorola Moto E, Lumia 525 and some other deals which were too cheap and in which FlipKart had much loss. Most of the orders above 5 thousands though have been FlipKart.

Server Crashed Many Times

The ones who were visiting FlipKart regularly after some minutes knew that the server were crashing frequently. Most of the times when I clicked on the orders it showed me “503 Error” and after 3-4 refreshes, it was okay again. Also sometimes the browser was in loop while opening, but FlipKart told us, that though there was huge traffic, but our servers didn’t crashed.

Your Orders Vanished For Some Time, You Know?

After 2-3 PM, many people reported to FlipKart that their order page was showing blank with “You Have No Orders” message and FlipKart didn’t reply to them because this was all because of huge traffic. FlipKart officially said nothing on this topic, but it was fixed after 4-5 PM when the traffic was comparatively less than what FlipKart saw at 2-3 PM.

FlipKart Had Achieved Their Goal At Just 6 PM!

Many reports and news are saying that FlipKart had sold their items and had made Rs 1 Billion (Or Rs 600 Crore/97854 Dollars) in just 10 hours after they launched ‘The Big Billion Day’. Approximating, the time becomes 6 PM, so the deal actually from their sides started to be cancelling. Many other except WS Retail (FlipKart itself) sellers took off the deals from the websites.

SnapDeal, Amazon and eBay Trolled FlipKart!

FlipKart was trolled by, and SnapDeal website yesterday. Yesterday was not only the sale on FlipKart, but SnapDeal also held hourly sale. They were Jaw Dropping from the point of SnapDeal, but users trolled them about their deals. Yesterday morning on Hindustan Times newspaper, the first page was having about SnapDeal’s deals in which they wrote FOR OTHERS IT’S A BIG DAY. FOR US TODAY IS NO DIFFERENT which was meant for FlipKart only about the discount they both were carrying. Actually both the websites were trolling each other.

Another was done by Amazon not only bought BigBillionDay.Com website, but also it’s CEO said Why Have Deals One Day When You Could Have Them Everyday! The website is currently redirecting to a simple WordPress based website which was yesterday redirecting to eBay was too not behind. eBay message their subscribers on Line- a popular free online messenger You could be wasting your time over mindless rumours or you could be shopping for free

Why online websites would only troll FlipKart? Here, Big Bazaar comes in too! The trolled FlipKart today from a newspaper.

JBL JB55i and TVs Were Sold Too

Were you waiting for the JBL JB55i and TVs which were to be sold off at Rs 99 and Rs 47 each? I was repeatedly refreshing my page just to get those JBL JB55i deal, but unfortunately I didn’t! When I saw my Facebook account on the morning, there were news about JBL JB55i and TVs which were sold at a very cheap price.

Many other things happen yesterday, but summarizing, it was an epic day in India and was the biggest Deal people have ever seen! We wish FlipKart good luck for their future and further deals too.



How To Fix “Insufficient Storage” in Android Phones

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Have you ever faced “Error downloading ‘App_Name’. There is insufficient space on the device.”? Probably yes, because this this error is the most common error you would face in almost all the Android based phones. I have my Jelly Bean and one KitKat phone and I am facing this error on both of them. I don’t know why this happens, but probably because of wrong data estimation of system. This error is the worse when you are searching an app on slow internet and then you face this error. There might be many ways to fix this error, but I will tell you the easiest way which I know. You don’t need root permissions or any type of software which needs PC and all, but it will take just 5 seconds to fix this error. Though it is not a permanent fix, but you can still at least install your favorite application through Google Play Store. 
Here’s the error which you may also face on your Android device:

Error Downloading “”. There is insufficient space on the device error fix Android.

I will be writing about few methods which I know and I have tried personally myself which you can use to remove it. Note that it won’t work if you really have low memory storage in your Data partition. It only works on phones which have good amount of space, but still they face this error. If you have a device with low Internal Storage and want to expand it, you can use my this tutorial and move all your SD Card applications, even if they don’t support to SD Card. See it here.
You may try any one of them. These are not the steps to perform, but the methods. I have arranged them according to easy and efficient methods. If you have rooted your device, then look at the last method, it’s the best one and easiest among them too.

Method 1 (No Root)

  • Open Google Play Store and download the application.
  • You will get that error. No problem, it’s normal.
  • Open Settings either from Notification bar or manually using your launcher.
  • Move to Applications and move any application to SD Card.
  • Now install that application and move it to internal storage again.
  • Repeat these steps if you face the error again!
Method 2 (No Root)
  • This can only be done after you have completed method one.
  • After following method one, download Cache Clean Easy – Optimize application from Google Play Store. You may try any other application too which does the same thing, but because it supports almost all phones above Android 2.3, I am insisting you to download this application.
  • Now select any application from it and clean it’s cache.
  • Install your application from Google Play Store! You may also do this from Stock Settings, but this is better application and can finish bulk jobs in seconds.
Method 3 (No Root)
  • Open Google Play Store and start downloading your favorite application. You will see that error.
  • Open Settings and move to Applications.
  • Uninstall any application from there and it would be even better if you uninstall a big application (50MB+)
  • Now install any application from Google Play Store!
Method 4 (No Root)

Follow my this tutorial on how to download applications without Google Play Store. It will fetch the latest application available and you can download it using your PC or phone and directly install it! See it here. You may need to enable Unknown resources options in Settings>Security to install *.apk applications from SD Card. Alternatively you may use ADB to install the applications too.

Method 5 (No Root)

Get Mobogenie application in APK form directly from their website and enjoy Google Play Store application in Mobogenie. Most of the applications are updated just like in Google Play Store. If you see old package on Mobogenie, see Method 4 or any other.

Method 6 (Best, But Needs Root)

Move applications automatically to your SD Card’s second partition using Link2SD application. For it’s tutorial, see this webpage on XposedGeek. After using it, you don’t need to repeat any step again and enjoy more space for installing applications. But before trying it, backup your SD Card because in that process, your SD Card will be wiped and like most of the times, recovery softwares will fail to recover the data, so please backup your SD Card.

Did it work for you? We are excited and want to know this from you. Please comment below with your replies on this post and don’t forget to mention the method number!



How To Install CyanogenMod 11 ROM On Samsung Galaxy S3

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Though Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-19300 is an old device, but still official ROMs like CyanogenMod, ParanoidAndroid ROMs are supporting this phone because of much users. Even if you go anywhere you will see people holding Samsung Galaxy S3 in their hands.
Samsung is second largest mobile manufacturer in India, standing after the master, Micromax. Both the companies when comes to update are worst. Samsung gives updates only to their flagship devices and that too after many months in which a new update arrives. This is the reason why you should choose a custom ROMs and enjoy streaming updates direct to your device by OTA. In this tutorial, I will be explaining the process to install Android 4.4.4 or CyanogenMod 11 ROM in SGS3. This is only for GT-19300 and won’t work in GT-I9305 model. The only thing you need is a custom recovery (TWRP preferred) installed in your phone. We have to do nothing with root, so there is no need to root the phone before flashing CyanogenMod 11 ROM because a custom recovery has nearly no link with system partition. Not wasting much time, let me simply guide you how you can install CM 11 ROM in Samsung Galaxy S3.

Why To Choose CM11 ROM:

Theme support: Enjoy themes from blue/black to MiUi v6.
Have customizations: Customize your phone anywhere with inbuilt applications.
Faster than stock ROM: CM11 ROM is 3x faster than Stock TouchWiz ROMs.
NFC Control: Now you can set permissions to NFC and can turn off too!
Latest updates: CyanogenMod is supporting this device since the time it had Ice Cream Sandwich, and now it even has KitKat, so you can expect Android L update or so too.

Requirements To Install CyanogenMod 11 ROM in Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-19300

  • A Custom Recovery installed: To install a custom rom, mods, wipe partitions you need to have a custom recovery installed in the phone. Personally, I recommend you to be on TWRP recovery because it’s much faster than CWM recovery.
How To Install CyanogenMod 11 ROM on Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-19300
  • Download official CyanogenMod 11 latest from their official website. Download a ROM from Development channel, from Release Channel or from Stable Channel (if available). Development Channel’s ROMs have more features, but you may face some instability issues, but there won’t be stability issues in Release/Stable channel.
  • After downloading the ROM, move it to your SD Card.
  • Reboot to TWRP recovery using Home, Volume Up & Power keys and selecting recovery in the options.
  • Select Backup and make a backup of system, data and boot, .android_secure partitions.
  • Now from the main menu, select Wipe button and choose advance wipe. Select system, Dalvik cache, Data and cache from the list and confirm the wipe by swiping from left to right.
  • Choose Install from the main menu of TWRP recovery and you will see contents of your SD Card. Select the ROM zip which you downloaded recently from CyanogenMod website.

  • Confirm the flash by swiping to the right side of the screen.
  • After the download completes, you will see Sucess and Reboot System. Choose Reboot System and swipe to confirm your action.

Now you will see CyanogenMod 11 bootscreen. It will take some time because it’s the first boot of the phone. After sometime, you can use CM 11 ROM and set it up as per your needs.
If you have any doubts or if you are facing some errors while installing this ROM, then you can comment below in details the problems that you are facing.