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Get Pokemon GO in Canada before everybody else

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Pokemon GO is a new game in which you can catch Pokemon with your smart phone, walking in your own city. You take a walk, watch through the camera of your phone, see Pokemon and catch them! The best of all is that the game is free to download. You can make in-app purchase if you want to.

The game has been released a few days ago across in a couple a countries like United-States, but the release date has not been announced yet for Canada. How unfortunate for Canadian people… or not. There is still ways to download the app even if you are in Canada, or in another “not yet released” country.


How to download the game anyway?

I will show you here two ways of downloading the app, depending if you are on Android or iPhone.


How to download Pokemon GO on Android

1- First you need to Allow installation from unknown sources.

2- Then open your web browser and go on this website. Press the button to download the application and then install it.


That’s it! Pokemon GO will now be installed on your Android!

How to download Pokemon GO on iPhone

The method on iPhone is quite different. Since you cannot install external applications, you need to bypass the iPhone store. To do so, you simply need to create another account on the iStore located in the US. Simply go in your Settings > Languages and then Regions. From there, you will be able to create another account located in the United-States. You will be able to create your account without entering any bank account information since the game is free.

There you go! I hope you liked this little trick and now, go catch some wild Pokemon!


pokemon-go-1 pokemon-go-2




Full guide to root your LG V10 phone

This article will provides you a full tutorial on how to root your LG V10 phone. This tutorial will be divided in 3 big steps: we will first need to unlock the bootloader, then install the TWRP recovery and finally we will be able to root the device with SuperSU. Simply scroll down below and start following the detailed steps. If you are not sure if you should root your Android device, you might want to read the following article: What is rooting and why root my Android device?


1- Unlock bootloader on LG V10

The first step to root your LG V10 device is to unlock the bootloader. It will allow us to install a custom recovery like TWRP. You may want to backup your device before proceeding, just in case.

  1. In your phone, enable the USB debugging option located in the Developer options settings.
  2. Still in the Developer options, enable Allow oem unlock.
  3. Install ADB and fastboot on your computer. If you are on Windows, download link is here. If you are on Linux or Mac, download link is here.
  4. Boot your device into bootloader mode. To do so, hold the volume down button in addition to the power button for a couple of seconds. Once the bootloader screen appears, plug your device into your computer.
  5. Open command prompt if you are on Windows or a terminal window if you are on other OS and type:
    fastboot oem unlock
    fastboot getvar unlocked
  6. That’s it, the bootloader of your device is now unlocked! You can now reboot your phone and unplug it from your PC.

2- Install TWRP recovery on LG V10

The second step is to install the TWRP recovery on your phone. It will allow you to install custom packages into the device.

  1. Download the TWRP recovery file here. Extract the file and place it in a folder in your computer.
  2. Now boot your phone into bootloader mode again (explanations on how to do this in step 1.4). Once the bootloader screen appears, plug your phone into your computer.
  3. Now go in the location where you placed the TWRP recovery file and open a command window in that folder. To do so, hold shift, right click and select Open command window here.
  4. It is now the time to flash the recovery. To do so, type the following into the command window (let say that file_name.img is the name of the image file):
    fastboot flash recovery file_name.img
  5. That’s it, the TWRP recovery is now installed on your phone! You can now reboot your phone and unplug it from your computer.

3- Root LG V10 with SuperSU

Last step, but not least! With the two preceding steps correctly done, we are now able to root our LG V10 device. Before proceeding with this, you will want your device to be at least 60% charged.

  1. Download the SuperSU package here and transfer zip files into your device’s internal storage, in any folder.
  2. Now boot your phone into custom recovery. To do so, simply follow the same directions as in step 1.4 (that is, hold volume down and power key for a couple of seconds).
  3. Open the TWRP main menu and select the install option.
  4. Select the SuperSU file you’ve transferred earlier in your device.
  5. Once installed, simply reboot your device and it will now be rooted!

I hope you liked this tutorial on how to root your LG V10 Android device. If you have encountered any problems during the installation, please share it in the comments below and I will try to help you as fast as I can. Enjoy your new rooted phone 🙂



How to root Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 edge [one click with PingPong Root]

The Galaxy S6 is the last released phone from Samsung. The device offer many improvement in functionalities, but it may not be enough for many people (like me 😛 ). To get the very best of your phone, you need to root it! Still not sure about this? Here’s a few reasons why you should root your Android device.

Now, here’s how to root the Samsung Galaxy S6 in a really easy way with the PingPong Root application. If you prefer the Odin method, read this post instead.


How to root your Samsung Galaxy S6 with PingPong Root

Of course, you need to install the application, but you will need first to allow installation of applications from unknown sources.

Step 1

Make sure you have the permissions to install the application by allowing installation of unknown sources applications.

Step 2

With your phone, download the PingPong Root application.

Step 3

Install the application. Open it and click on “Get root!“.

Step 4

A popup will appear asking you to wait while the installation process. Once the installation is done, restart your phone.


Congratulation, your phone is now rooted! As I said, PingPong Root is the easiest way to root your phone. If you experienced some issues while trying to root with this application, you can always use the Odin method, with no applications required.



What is rooting and why root my Android device?

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In many posts of this blog we guide you on how to root your Android device, but we never actually had an article on the rooting itself. Since people often ask me the famous question “What is rooting?”, I decided to write a little post about it.


What is rooting?

In the jargon of Linux (which is the exploitation system behind your Android device), the term root means “to possess all rights”. When you are logged as root on your system, you are somehow the system administrator. You can do whatever you want, meaning that you can modify or delete any files. In nicer terms, you are the god of your device!

I already know the question you are asking yourself now: “Am I not already the god of my device? I’m the one who install and remove applications”. Yes, but in a limited way. Let say you want to delete an important system file (ok, that’s dumb, just don’t do that, this is for example purpose), you won’t be able to do to this. It’s a rude example, but it is simply to illustrate you that there is certain thing you cannot do as a normal user. It would be the same if you wanted to modify those files.

Rooting your Android device would allow you to be logged as root, meaning you would be able to do whatever you like with your device.

Why would I want to root my Android device?

Legit question! Certainly not for deleting an important system file like on my previous example! 🙂

Like I said earlier, rooting your device allows you to modify any files. But be reassure, you won’t modify those files yourself (it’s possible, if you have that knowledge and skills!), but you will simply need to install programs built for that mean. What those programs (let call them modules from now) will allow you to do? Many things, I would even say infinite things!

Some of the modules will allow you to fully customize your device (modify your user interface, icons, menus, screens, etc…), others will allow you to increase your device performances, some will allow you to modify the behavior of your applications… And believe me, this is only the tip of the iceberg! There are many more things that you can do by rooting your Android device.

Is rooting dangerous for my device?

No. Like I said earlier, rooting will only make you the god of your device. What may be dangerous is what you could do with your new god’s powers!

It could become dangerous if you decide to follow my first example and delete an important system file (seriously, don’t do that). If after rooting you do not play with those files, only install well known modules and follow their specifications, you should be fine.

A quick resume of what has been said

What is rooting? Rooting is gaining full access to your device.

Why should I root my Android device? To be able to fully customize it, upgrade performances, modify behavior of installed applications, and many more!

And now, the most important question.

How to root my Android device?

I also get asked this question frequently. It’s an easy question, but a complicated answer. The answer is that it depends on your device. Since Linux is an open source OS, there’s plenty of phones/tablets manufacturers and they all have a unique way to get rooted.

Fortunately, some blogs (like this one 🙂 ) write articles on how to root specific devices. We already have covered a lot of devices; I will put the links down below! In some cases, you will want to know what is your Android version. If your phone does not figure in the links below, I’m sorry!

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Trick To Use Free Binatone WiFi

Easiest Trick To Use Free Binatone WiFi Anywhere

Hi guys, just some days ago my friends told me about Binatone free WiFi, but I did not believe them because they said that I could use free WiFi anywhere and I was like how is this possible, but just some days ago a friend living near me messaged me that he’s using free Binatone WiFi..

Trick To Use Free Binatone WiFi

Actually I did not know about what is Binatone and so I never paid attention to it because the name was itself not relating with WiFi and so when I Googled about BinaTone, I found that it is a modem 😀 and so I came to know that maybe the modem installers do this to make sure that their customer’s WiFi is protected, but somehow it became a popular trick :p

So first of all, by Easiest Trick to Use free WiFi Anywhere doesn’t mean that it will work in Oceans, etc., but it will work on only that places near which people are using Binatone routers with default settings.. 

This is only for Educational purpose and we are not responsible for any damage done by or to YOU.

Now let’s move to the free WiFi trick 😀 

How To Use Free BinaTone WiFi!

  • Unlock your Android phone, move to Settings WiFi.
  • Press menu key and tap on Add network.
  • Enter binatone as the SSID.
  • In Security, choose WPA/WPA2 PSK
  • Scroll and add the password 0987654321 save the password! 😀
    How To Use Binatone_1 WiFi

Now wherever you will go and your phone detects Binatone modem, it will automatically connect to it because default settings of Binatone modems are having the password 0987654321 only.

Using Free Binatone_1 WiFi Password

But maybe you are using Binatone modem and want to prevent people using your WiFi.

If yes then you can use then you can use this simple tutorial:

Prevent people using your BinaTone Modem

  • Connect to your own network :p
  • Type this and hit enter in your browser:
  • Login with the ID and Password.. you must have got them while setting up internet.
  • Search for the WiFi Password.
  • Enter your password and save it. make sure you don’t save it 0987654321 lol..
  • The modem will restart.
  • You are protected (y)

Hope you guys liked the trick. 🙂