Get Pokemon GO in Canada before everybody else

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Pokemon GO is a new game in which you can catch Pokemon with your smart phone, walking in your own city. You take a walk, watch through the camera of your phone, see Pokemon and catch them! The best of all is that the game is free to download. You can make in-app purchase if you want to.

The game has been released a few days ago across in a couple a countries like United-States, but the release date has not been announced yet for Canada. How unfortunate for Canadian people… or not. There is still ways to download the app even if you are in Canada, or in another “not yet released” country.


How to download the game anyway?

I will show you here two ways of downloading the app, depending if you are on Android or iPhone.


How to download Pokemon GO on Android

1- First you need to Allow installation from unknown sources.

2- Then open your web browser and go on this website. Press the button to download the application and then install it.


That’s it! Pokemon GO will now be installed on your Android!

How to download Pokemon GO on iPhone

The method on iPhone is quite different. Since you cannot install external applications, you need to bypass the iPhone store. To do so, you simply need to create another account on the iStore located in the US. Simply go in your Settings > Languages and then Regions. From there, you will be able to create another account located in the United-States. You will be able to create your account without entering any bank account information since the game is free.

There you go! I hope you liked this little trick and now, go catch some wild Pokemon!


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