Backup and Restore Contacts and SMS- SuperBackup Review

How To Backup Contacts & SMS on Android Phone

Backing up SMS and Contacts in Android is an import thing in case of any fatal error. I usually backup my SMS usually once in a week to prevent accidental crash of my phone. Also backing up is one of the most important task when you need to install another Custom ROM on your android phone.

I have posted many tutorials for installing Custom ROMs, but just some days ago I forgot to backup my SMS’ and flashed ParanoidAndroid ROM over CyanogenMod and after that I realized that I didn’t backup my messages. So here I’m writing the best way to backup SMS and Contacts in Android phones.

You don’t need to have a rooted android phone in order to backup to backup contacts and SMS of your android phone. All you need to have is an awesome application (link has been shared below) by which you can easily backup and restore your SMS and Contacts with just a single click.

Backup and Restore Contacts and SMS- SuperBackup Review

This application is trusted application and I’m using it for a long time and didn’t face any issue with the application. It works on almost all the android OS starting from Jelly Bean to Lollipop.

So be ready with your android phone and let’s backup and restore SMS and Contacts of android phone!

How To Backup SMS and Contacts in Android

  • Download the Super Backup : SMS & Contacts application from Google Play Store.
  • Open the application and tap on SMS Backup. Tap on the BACKUP button to begin the backup.
    Backup SMS SuperBackup
  • Now press back key to move to the main menu.
  • Now open Contacts Backup. There, BACKUP as well to begin the backup.
    Backup Contacts SuperBackup

With this, you have backed up your contacts and sms’es to your internal storage (by default).

How To Restore Contacts and SMS in Android

  • Open the application again.
  • Tap on SMS BACKUP RESTORE. Make the SuperBackup the default SMS application in the popup.
  • First of all, Select the VCF file and then the chats you want to restore and tap the RESTORE button to begin the restoration.
    Restore SMS SuperBackup app Android
  • To restore Contacts, tap on CONTACTS BACKUPRESTORE and select the XML file which you want to use to restore the data.
    Restore Contacts SuperBackup
  • Begin the restore with a tap! 😉

With this you have restored your SMS and Contacts to your phone. 😀

So with this, you can backup your contacts and SMS and also restore them easily with just a single click.

SuperBackup applications works for me every time and it should run in your phone too, without any errors. But in case you are having some issues, you can easily comment down with problems! 😉

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