How to root Samsung Galaxy S7 with Kingo Root

Today I will show you a really easy way to root your Samsung Galaxy S7 with the Kingo Root application. If you are not sure if you should root your android device, you may want to take a look to this article: What is rooting and why root my Android device?




In order to root your Samsung Galaxy S7, follow these steps:

1- Start by enabling USB debugging on your device.

2- Download the free Kingo Root software here and open it on your computer.

3- Once the software opened, plug your device into your computer with a USB cable. The software will then proceed to drivers installation.

4- You should now see your device model and root status on the software. Read the disclaimer and then press the ROOT button to start rooting your device.

5- Once rooting is complete, you will be prompted to click on the finish button. Be sure to press that button before unplugging your Samsung Galaxy 7 phone. You phone will then reboot.

6- Once your device is rebooted, a screen will pop up on your device asking for SuperUser privileges. Press on “Grant” to allow access.

Congratulation, your device is now rooted!

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7 Responses

  1. shalu says:

    thanks for this

  2. Md Shahzad Hassan says:

    Glad to know about this…:-)
    Md Shahzad Hassan

  3. mishraamrish mishra says:

    Cool one…

  4. Bernie says:

    How to enable USB debugging on my phone?

  5. M1st4k3n says:

    Just got a Samsung Galaxy S7 and wanted to know how to root it. Cool

  6. M1ch1 says:

    Kingo Root is really awesome!

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