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I am the only one who manages the whole blog and who even writes the post and unlike the other big websites or blogs, I don’t have any other writer except me myself. So I can’t get to know about all the topics. Android, Windows, iOS and other related topics are vast topics and no one can cover all of them easily and that too when he’s a busy person.


 If you want to spread your thoughts or want to tell me about a good application, ROM or any such thing, then you can surely write to us and tip us on about the topic. I am hearing you and I open the responses page everyday. You can write to me anything that you want to be covered in XposedGeek, but before writing make sure that it’s a genuine thing and doesn’t harm to the readers of XposedGeek. Also make sure that it isn’t copied. I will display your name at the end of the page where your content will be there, but if you want to stay anonymous, kindly select Stay Anonymous in the below form. Email is important in the form because in case if your content is confusing or I’m not getting the structure of the thing what you want me to write, then I can ping you using Hangouts or email. If you are following all the above written things, then you can use this form to give a tip to me. Please don’t spam below! Use it only if you want to share us something, not if you want to report a post or want to report any other thing. It’s only for tipping us and not for reporting me about anything in the blog.


8 thoughts on “Tip XposedGeek

      1. stark

        Frnd app is’nt moving in sd card….. Whats problem i update my mobile unite 2 in lollipop.. Please fiz problem

  1. sandy

    Hey bro I want to purchase iPhone style tempered back cover for Xiaomi Redmi 1s. I am not getting anywhere. Please suggest me the link to buy

  2. Omkar Gawade

    You copied my trick. This trick was founded by me and published by omkartech.in 3 days back. Remove it immediately otherwise i will file DMCA else give me proper credits with my site link.


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