How to root LG G6 phone with TWRP [step by step]

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Here’s another guide on how to root an Android phone. This time, this is a root tutorial for the LG G6. The G6 is the latest phone released by LG and looks really promising. But let be realistic, it will look way more promising once rooted 😉 Here’s a little tutorial on how to root your phone in a couple of easy steps.

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1- Install ADB (Android Debug Bridge)

First, you need to install ADB on your PC. You will find the latest version (1.4.2) here: Download ADB 1.4.2. If this version is not working on your PC try ADB v.1.3.
Unzip the program, open it, and it should ask you these following 3 questions: “Do you want to install ADB and Fastboot?”, “Install ADB system-wide?” and “Do you want to install device drivers?”. Answer yes to all the questions.

2- Enable USB Debugging and connect your phone

You then need to enabling USB debugging on your device. Once this is done, you can connect your phone on your PC with a USB cable.

3- Send specifics commands to ADB

Once your phone is connected to your PC, open ADB (previously installed) and send the following command in the command window: adb reboot bootloader
Your phone will now restart into Bootloader mode. Once your phone is rebooted, download the following file: TWRP.img [file coming soon]. Copy the TWRP.img file into the folder where you installed ADB and open a command window in that folder (hold shift key, then right click in the folder and click “Open command window here”).
Enter the following code in the command window: fastboot flash recovery recovery_name
Change recovery_name with your real recovery name.

4- Reboot your device

Reboot your device into TWRP. Then, download SuperSU [file coming soon] on your PC.

Once your phone in TWRP, select the SuperSU file downloaded previously and install it in your phone. Reboot again and voilà, your phone is now rooted!

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