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Top 3 Shared Web Hosting Providers of 2016

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Six months ago, I was looking for a new shared hosting provider because I had problems with the one I was with. I tried many hosts (thanks to the 30 days money back warranty!) and did many tests. For example, with my last web host, I had many problems with the server speed. It was a major problem and it needed to be fix. In addition, I had a really bad customer service. Anyway, I tried many of these aspects and I finally found one which suited my needs. I also found two others pretty good web hosting providers. I didn’t stay with them, but I’ll list them for you here in case you want more choices. Here goes my list of my top 3 web hosting providers.


#1 – Hostada


My favorite of all time. This is the web hosting company I am using right now. They have an awesome customer service, their servers are fast and their prices really good.

Customer service: 5/5 When I want a customer service, I don’t like to call somewhere and be put on hold, the phone in my hand waiting for the guy to fix my problem. I really like the chat support though, and Hostada has one. Every time I asked for help on the chat support, I got an answer within few seconds, and most importantly, a solution to my problem. I asked a few technical questions also just to test them and they were able to answer everything.

Servers: 5/5 Their server were the fastest of all shared hosting I could find. In addition, they give the same speed for any of their plans. Often web hosting companies will raise their prices for higher speed, but here it is not the case, the smaller plan is fast as the bigger plan. In addition, they offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space on any of their plans. Awesome.

Prices: 5/5 Their prices were one of the lowest of every hosting companies I saw. Basically, their lowest plan cost $1.60 per month and their highest cost $4.89 per month ($6.99 on renew). I’ve seen a lot of hosting companies with prices much higher than this with plans offering less than what Hostada is offering. Best buy for the buck!

Overall: 5/5

Very nice web hosting provider if you are looking for shared hosting! Take a look to Hostada’s website.

#2 – Dreamhost


Dreamhost is a good host overall. I had a good (but slow) customer service, their servers speed is good and their prices not too bad. Here is my experience.

Customer service: 4/5 Each time I wanted to chat with someone, it was really slow. I don’t know if they had a lot of customers to serve at the same time or simply not enough staff (or both), but I waited at least 10 minutes to get service each time. But then, I asked technical questions and I was satisfied, the staff was pretty competent.

Servers: 4/5 Servers were the slowest of my three picks, but still fast.

Prices: 4/5 Prices aren’t too bad. Compared to Hostada, prices are really high, but compared to other web hosting companies, this is not too bad. They only have one plan, so one price of $9.95 per month (if you subscribe for one year), but can go down to $7.95 per month if you are willing to subscribe for 3 years.

Overall: 4/5

Visit Dreamhost website

#3 – GoDaddy


GoDaddy was first known because of their domain names, they then went into web hosting. If this is true that they were (and still are) the leader in domain names, this was certainly not the case with web hosting. They had a bad reputation regarding web hosting, but since then, they got better. They still not are perfect, but here is my little review.

Customer service: 4/5 GoDaddy has an excellent support service on the phone, but less with the chat. I’m a chat guy, I like to chat to solve my things. I ask my question straight to the point and they answer when they are ready to answer. In the meantime, I can continue to work on my things. Anyway,  I tried their chat service a few times and people looked confused. I asked a few technical questions and they weren’t able to answer everything. I don’t know if I just wasn’t lucky with the staff this day, but anyway, if you hire someone be sure to hire the good one.

Servers: 4.5/5 I can’t really complain with their server speed. They are almost as fast as Hostada. For that reason, I give 4.5 instead of 5.

Prices: 3/5 This would be the worst side of GoDaddy. Their prices are not too bad at the first look, but when you look at the renewal prices, you see that it’s a bit more expensive. For instance, their lowest plan is $3.99 per month ($7.99 on renew) and their highest plan is $7.99 per month ($14.99 on renew). I think that this is a bit expensive for shared hosting, but I already saw higher prices with other companies!

Overall: 3.8/5

Visit GoDaddy website


I hope you liked my top 3 web hosting providers list! Let me know who is your favorite web host in the comments section below!