Trick To Use Unlimited FlipKart Vouchers Per Order – New & OFFICIAL Method | No Account BAN!

FlipKart don’t allow you to use more than 15 E-Gift vouchers which is actually too much, but what happens when you get EGVs worth Rs. 50? :p Feeling poor? If you have not wasted your EGVs worth thousands buying small things, then you are at right place. Actually I was thinking to write the post from some days and today, a reader commented on the post that he wanted a trick like that.

Use Unlimited Gift Vouchers at FlipKart

If you follow the trick then you can use unlimited flipkart egvs to make a purchase at FlipKart, but unfortunately only from WS Retail. The good thing is that most of the electronics are from WS Retail only and so if you want to buy an Android phone, especially one like Xiaomi or Lenovo then this TRICK IS FOR YOU! 😀

UPDATE- Here’s the latest FlipKart Trick (not basically a trick) to add FlipKart Gift Vouchers to Wallet and so you will not need to worry about Account Blocked / Banned because this is an official way to do so. 🙂

Once added to Wallet, you can purchase products only by WS Retail seller, so before adding the money, pls think twice.! 

Use More Than 15 Flipkart E-Gift Vouchers in an Order – Official Trick

  • Download flipkart mobile application from here.
  • Sign in to the account in which you want to combine all the flipkart git vouchers.
  • Tap on the three dots on the flipkart application.
  • Click on your email ID to open your account settings.
  • Open VIEW WALLET option from your account settings.
    View Wallet FlipKart App
  • Click on Have you received a gift card ? ADD NOW.
    Add FlipKart E-Gift Voucher to FlipKart wallet
  • Now enter your FlipKart Gift Voucher details and click ADD GIFT CARD to transfer your Gift Card amount to FlipKart Wallet.
    FlipKart Gift Voucher to Wallet Trick
  • You have successfully added your Gift Voucher to FlipKart Wallet! 😀 

How To Combine All FlipKart Vouchers & Purchase a Product from FlipKart (WSR) – EXCLUSIVE TRICK (OLD TRICK)

  • Open FlipKart and hunt for any product from WS Retail. BROTIP: Search for DIGIFLIP.
  • Add the product to cart and pay using your EGVs..
  • Now cancel the order and when you’ll be asked for the refund, click on REFUND TO WALLET to get the refund in FlipKart wallet.
  • Next day too do the same thing, purchase the same thing and pay Re. 1 from your Wallet and rest from FlipKart Gift Vouchers.
  • Again refund to wallet..
  • Day by day repeat the same procedure until your all E-Gift Vouchers are converted to FlipKart wallet balance.

Confused? Here’s an EXAMPLE! (FOR OLD TRICK)

Okay, I assume that I’ve 61 vouchers and each of them are for Rs. 50. I want to buy a product for Rs. 3000 and luckily, it’s seller is WS Retail (Won’t work on any other seller).

This means that actually we have vouchers worth Rs. 3050, but we cannot use all of them (61), but only 15 vouchers which worth only Rs. 750 (15 Vouchers each worth Rs. 50)..

Now I will follow this tutorial:

  • I will find any product from WS Retail seller which is being sold for less than Rs. 750 (Rs. 600, 500, 650, any!), but I’ll try to find the product which is closest to Rs. 750, BUT LESS THAN RS. 750!
  • I will order the product and after 1-2 minutes will cancel it.
  • I will choose “REFUND TO WALLET” to get the refund of the amount in FlipKart wallet.
  • Next day, again I will order the same product, and will again use my 15 E-Gift Vouchers.. This means that I will pay Rs. 750 from EGVs, cancel the order and refund Rs. 750 (order amount) to FlipKart wallet.
  • Next day too I repeat the above steps..
  • I will keep repeating until all the Gift Vouchers have been made Rs. 0 and I have Rs. 3050 in FlipKart Wallet.
  • Now I will order the product finally! :p

I hope you got the concept of flipping FlipKart vouchers to FlipKart wallet, but still because it’s a little bit complex, having doubts is normal.

Do comment below if you have any doubts on this tutorial! 🙂

Rohan Arya

Rohan is CEO of XposedGeek who with his hard work has setup this blog and is posting tricks regularly along with his studies. Currently, he is in 10th and he's interested in Gizmos, new gadgets and especially Android! :)

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69 Responses

  1. Unknown says:

    I don’t have a single voucher but i m fan ur tricks

    Thums up for you

  2. rajat chawla says:

    With that money in flipkart wallet,can we only buy ws retail items?
    Or it will be store money

  3. rajat chawla says:

    And why day by day
    Can we do it again in some time

  4. Parth says:

    And what if they ban account for cancelling order again and agian? U and all know we cant trust flopkart

  5. ramu says:

    is there any chance of account getting blocked ? thanks for the bro

  6. Anurag says:

    Can’t we order the same day ??
    Why wait for the next day to order ??
    Pls do clarify admin ??

  7. ramu says:

    there’s no option like ‘refund to wallet ‘ only ‘refund to original payment source ‘ option is there.

  8. Animesh says:

    Can I transfer that wallet money to bank?

  9. Ali says:

    Your trick is good but I also need guide for getting so many vouchers.. I am used to bluestacks shopxlues trick where mobile number verification was not there as compared to flipkart so how we get so many vouchers from flipkart guide me that n I am good to go..

  10. yatin says:

    hey rohan can’t we cancel multiple orders in a day as you mentioned that ” cancel one order in a day”.

  11. Sourbh says:

    Thankyou so much bro.
    I m a big fan of your blog.

  12. Greesh says:

    What if we use that amount received in flipkart wallet for other purchase example if we use 3050 for other purchase

  13. pranay says:

    But there is no option for flipkart wallet in flipkart
    When asked to pay for any product

  14. Sourbh says:

    Bro one more question
    Previously you said that flipkart(fraudkart) had blocked your account for too many order cancellation.
    Is is normal.
    And bro
    I want to get redmi 2 for free
    Then i have to cancel 8 orders worth 750
    To compile vouchers worth 6000.
    So bro please clear my doubts

  15. Karan says:

    why next day? not in same day

  16. karan says:

    if swller is not ws retail and but any another advantage seller. so will i get refund?

  17. rupz says:

    bro agar mera sab account ka vouchers ek hi account me use karu toh mera wohi account me sab paisa jama hoga kiya??

  18. SINEP says:

    Buddy you’ll get everyone’s account banned and money taken like FK did to you.

  19. flash says:

    Bro digiflip ka ek product h 399 ka cart pe add krne pr 439 ka bta rha h 40 rupee delivery charges include krke agar main 400 pe kiye toh refund poore ayenge na.

  20. Rohan Arya says:

    This an result into account termination if you go insane and try to add 5K+ in Wallet.

    Day by day so that FlipKart don’t notice you.

    This is working and is only for WSR. Won’t work on any other seller n you will see REFUND TO ORIGINAL MODE only in other sellers.

    • Sourbh says:

      Bro can i add rs 6000.
      How much you earned.
      I have earned rs 4450.
      And bro please reply
      How you get numbers for otg
      Do you have any trick for that.
      And thankyou very much ,because you gave the trick to use more than 15 vouchers.

  21. Rahul says:

    Kya mai 10k kr sakta hu

  22. anand anil says:

    paytm wallet transfer

    is this trick still working…pls confirm

  23. nitin says:

    flipkart block my account after cancellation.. lost 4.3k rs.. admin plz check trick first

    • Rohan Arya says:

      Hi Nitin, sorry for the account termination, but I wrote in the tutorial, don’t cancel more than once a day, but you didn’t follow it.

      PS: A friend of mine ordered RedMi 2 with this and also I’m doing it without my account being blocked.

  24. Rahul says:

    Bhai mai lenovo a7000 Lena hai merae pass 7k voucher hai. Help

    Account block nhi hona chaiae

  25. ravi says:

    My 3 accounts got blocked by flipkart

    two of them had rs1500 each and one had rs750 wallet in it

    FAKE trick

    DO not try this friends ; your account might get blocked and you will lose all the money
    Better to order products using these egvs

  26. Anand N says:

    Yea…i also heard that flipkart is blocking better dont try…

  27. Gurtej Singh says:

    Thanks rohan bro for this trick i got my refund as i order a flip cover worth rs.- 139 (including delivery charges) if i do this daily is there any chances of getting my account blocked ?

  28. rahul gurnani says:

    You sure if we cancel one product per day our account will not be blocked?

  29. Sourbh says:

    Bro i have 3k in my wsr wallet.
    And i cancel one order every day
    My account is not blocked and i want to buy redmi 2.
    But after reading comments i am afraid.
    So what should i do.
    Are you sure if we cancel one product per day our account will not be blocked
    Please bro help me.
    Please reply bro Rohan Arya.

  30. Sourbh says:

    Rohan Arya bro
    Please reply please
    Bro Can you please update this post.
    Because accounts of too many people are blocked.
    And bro I’m a big fan of your
    I follow every single line you say in post.

  31. Maniteja says:

    I hv orderd two products from flipkart after dat I canceled one product nd 200 credited to my wallet.but unfortunatley now the hv taken my money….:(

  32. Raj says:

    I m afraid to try this trick!! Has any of your friend or yourself ordered a product worth 5k,10k or more using this trick ??

    If by-chance my account gets blocked …will I get the balance back in the egvs ?? Or not ?

  33. Raj says:

    You once mentioned that your account was blocked bro .

    Did you had any wallet balance in the blocked account ?

    If yes did you get back your balance ?

    • Rohan Arya says:

      Yeah, mine was banned and i has rs. 2K in this.. My mistake was that i canceled 10+ orders a day and on the top of it, called FLIPKARY! 🙁

      • Raj says:

        After banning ..
        What did you do ?

        Did you get back your account ??

      • Raj says:

        How will I know if my account has got terminated ?

        Is blocked account and terminated account two different things ?

        Won’t I be able to login to my account ?

        Or won’t I be able to place a order ??

        I m confused !!! Admin reply pls

      • DEEPTI says:

        SUGGEST PLZZ..

        • Rohan Arya says:

          BTW- I canceled 10+ orders a day and ordered something and it got dispatched. I don’t want you to do this and get your account banned (cuz you will point out me then ._.), but just telling.. :p

  34. Raj says:

    Hey bro,
    What if I cancel 5-6 orders in a day and buy 5-6 rs.1 eBook in between the cancel orders .Will Fk still terminate my account ?

    I think they won’t detect my account ..what do u think bro ??
    Someone try this trick and reply ??

  35. Sree Harsha says:

    but How to pay using wallet , during payment it does not show wallet as a payment option !! Rohan Bro Please reply !!

  36. Sourbh says:

    Rohan Bro
    How much you maximum got using this trick.

  37. Sourbh says:

    Please reply bro

  38. Sourbh says:

    Can you suggest me a good phone on flipkart near 5-6k.
    I mean custom roms available etc.
    Currently using Redmi 1s.

  39. Sourbh says:

    Bhai reply kro

  40. ajay says:


    Rohan arya bhai plz reply dede 10 din se wait kar rha hu reply ka


  41. ramu says:

    hi guys, is it safe to cancel one order a day along with buying an ebook ? if anyone applying this trick successfull,please tell how u are doing it. it’ll be a big help to many who r confused like me. pls

  42. ramu says:

    rohan bhai please account wont get terminated by cancelling an order a day aling with buying ebooks ? please reply

  43. Divyam says:

    Is it safe to transfer 10k in wallet if i cancel only an order a day and also buys the ebook in between the transactions??

  44. ramu says:

    flipkart refer and earn program ended 🙁 i think soon they’ll come with this program with fool-proof. btw i earned 4k. but a little confused to use them in a single order to buy mobile. rohan please provide the trick for that

  45. anil says:

    hello I cant add any gvs to my account. whenever I tried to add there is a popup saying,”card belongs to wallet and direct transaction are not allowed on this card

  46. joy says:

    fake. Never gets added and the gv also becomes unusable.

  47. Sagar says:

    I converted Rs 8000 gvs into wallet, now flipkart has blacklisted my accoun, Cancelling my order when I placed any. Is Der anyway to use my account normally. Dey(flipkart) are saying I have misused flipkart polices. If Der z anyway to use that wallet balance den pls guide me guyz. 🙂

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