Use your smartphone as a keyboard on your PS4

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It has always been a bad side to the console: it is really painful to write something using the controller’s joystick. Consoles producers have been fixing this problem by producing little keyboards on the side, or directly attached on the controller. But why not use our smartphones to do the same job and save 30$?


Turn your smartphone into a PS4 keyboard

If you have the PS4, you need to download the PlayStation App on your smartphone. You will be able to see your connected friends, achievements, latest feed, etc… But you will also be able to transform your smartphone into a keyboard. Download it here on Android or here on iOS.

Once the app is downloaded, it is really easy to connect to your console. You only need to press the “Connect to PS4” button located at the bottom left of the app. You will also need to add your smartphone device to your console. To do so, with your PS4 go to Settings -> PlayStation App Connection Settings -> Add Device.

Once this is done, go in your settings on your PS4 and select the Keyboard option. From now on, every time you will be in a text field, you will be able to write with your phone. Enjoy!

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